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Our Stories

Chef Ming at Allspice

A Story to Share - Ming

L, 20 


The workshop has been helpful in terms of teaching us how to handle our own problems and teaching us there’s a solution to every problem we face. Not allowing negativity to take control of what we think. 

A, 15


I want to pursue what my heart truly desires and strives for. As I look back now the past looks black and white and the future is looking colourful! 

A, 17


I learned about creating successful future and the need to be persistent no matter how hard things are. I learned about what’s there at the finish line is more important than where we started.


Enriching The Lives of Youths - Umar


Umar, 15 year old youth approached us to start a business. Along the way of decision-making, it became apparent the business plan was not his interest. However he did have a burning passion that truly lied in boxing and taking part in matches. Through our Nurturing Pathway and the help of this very talented young individual, a supportive relationship was built between him and Circle of Friends (COF).


He also volunteered for our community service project; Served With Love. Through this project, his second passion; cooking, became apparent. With eagerness and his searing passion in culinary, he volunteered for yet another one of our biggest events of 2017 “Lets go Jalan Jalan”. With an attendance of 2 out of 3 days, Umar had actually made a dish for one of the chefs from our sister company, Allspice Institute. 


After much persuasion he made his signature dish “Curry Chicken” for COF staff as well. His enthusiasm woke him up at 5am to ensure superlative quality in the dish he prepared. Umar had shown great promise and delivered. Wanting to take on more responsibility during the December holidays. He even considered the option of working to earn money to help with his family expenses and acquire membership at the boxing gym he frequents.


With much discipline, Umar managed to get his first job through COF working in the kitchen at Love Pal Cafe next to Singapore Arts Museum. 


Within 8 weeks, Umar had gone from cooking at home to making restaurant standard breakfasts and lunches for paying customers. We are proud to have the pleasure of advocating and witnessing his journey to success. 

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