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Clarance Ling, CEO of Circle of Friends Limited Singapore
Mr. Clarence Ling, CEO


Circle Of Friends was founded in Singapore, in 2014, by Clarence Ling. He was inspired by his family tradition of providing education and service to the community.


In 1894, his great grandmother was featured in the New York Times as the first Asian female physician ​to have graduated from medical studies in USA. Upon her return to China, she took charge of the Woolston Memorial hospital in Fuzhou. She later opened a small medical school for women.


​Clarence recalls volunteering alongside his father, Dr. Ling, to help the residents in Singapore Cheshire Home since the 1970s, while his grandfather was involved in establishing Singapore's first Chinese YMCA Center in the 1950s.


​Through Circle of Friends, we continue to serve our community by reaching out to youths at risk through engagement programmes, community outreach projects, skills-based workshops and life skills coaching. 



CIRCLE OF FRIENDS leads changes that transform the lives of youths, so that they can get new opportunities to pursue better lives. 


CIRCLE OF FRIENDS seeks to realise and empower youths through education and/or mentoring to assist them in setting goals for themselves and helping them achieve their own potentials holistically for a brighter future.


To Discover Potential Out of Weakness, To Cultivate Confidence Out of Doubt.


CIRCLE OF FRIENDS aims to provide youths with education and mentoring outside the conventional classroom to equip them with basic skills, self-esteem and confidence. CIRCLE OF FRIENDS aims to rehabilitate clients to complete their education and impart them with qualified skills for future employment. 


To reflect fairness, responsibility and reliability in our approach



To research and build on the latest methodologies


To share,respect and grow with our clients

To be transparent in our organisation


To nurture trust and dynamic cooperation


To engage partnerships with industry and the social services


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