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In Circle Of Friends, we educate and mentor our youths outside of conventional classroom setting to cultivate basic skills, self esteem and confidence. We strongly believe that education and vocational training is crucial in shaping the lives of the youths, empowering them with qualified skills for the future to pursue better lives.

Youth workshops:

•Enrichment Programs

•Motivational Workshops

•Character Building Workshops (Team-bonding, Communication Skills, Personality Development and more!)

*•T.O.P Programs

Vocational Skill Trainings:

•Skill-Based Workshops (Eg, Horticulture, Cooking, Baking and Yoga)

Want to find out more about what other activities we provide? Contact us at:

9834 3688



How do you know if you are at risk? Here are some main traits:

•Behavioural challenges

•Peer or family relationship issues

•Bullying (Bully/victim)

•Social difficulties


Have more enquiries? 

: 9834 3688



Not only do Circle Of Friends provide youth workshops and vocational trainings to youths, we also provide Time-Out Programs in Secondary Schools.

What is Time-Out Program?

Time-Out Program is initiated by secondary schools in Singapore to help reduce the possibility amongst students who are at risk of dropping out of schools. This involves temporarily withdrawing the students who are deemed "at-risk" from mainstream curriculum and providing them with a different type of curriculum which are modified to their needs and challenges. Time-Out Program strongly emphasises on the enhancement of emotional, social and affective skills to help students overcome their personal, family and social barriers that decreases their motivation, self-esteem and confidence for performance in learning.


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